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8% the alleged abuse lasted more than a year but less than 2 years, in 28% between 2 and 4 years, in 10.[152] Allen described the Vatican s perspective as being somewhat skeptical of the media handling of the scandal.In June 2002, the USCCB adopted a zero tolerance for responding to allegations of sexual abuse.Clare of Assisi was named patron of television because one Christmas when she was too ill to leave her bed she saw and heard Christmas Mass -- even though it was taking place miles away.participation in homosexual acts is not the same as sexual identity as a gay man.

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The hypothesis that a purported decline in general moral standards was associated with an increase in abuse by clergy was promoted by a study by John Jay College funded by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

In many jurisdictions growing awareness of child sexual abuse and understanding of its psychological damage has resulted in an increasing number of civil lawsuits for monetary damages stemming from such incidents.